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PROGRAMMING is my passion. It is fascinating how a few lines can create great websites or applications. For me, it gives rise to a child-like joy in tinkering and solving puzzles.

WITH YOU I would like to find the perfect application and software solution to match your needs. Therefore I will first analyse your requirements and seek the solution that is optimal from a user perspective.

MY VISION is to create applications that do not merely work, but make the world a better place.

MY CREDO is quality before quantity. I will be satisfied only when you are fully satisfied with the product.

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software developer Frank Mehlhop

Design and Structure

software developing Frank Mehlhop

Design and Structure

Webpage, HTML, PHP-Programming, css, password protected

Design and Structure,
Password protected data

bilingual, HTML, css, JavaScript

Previous website
replaced using same design

Webdesign, HTML, css, libraries

Design and Structure

HTML, css, JavaScript, PHP

Design by a
professional designer.

Webdesign, HTML, css, Social Media

Design and Structure

Website designer

Design and Structure

Website developer

Design and Structure,
Logo and header were supplied by client

HTML, css

Structure and
design were supplied by client

Website layout

Design and Structure

Webdesign, css, HTML, PHP

Design and Structure

Software - Development

Software - Technologies

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Please contact me. I will make your project my task. Write me a message or give me a call. I will respond rapidly and we can discuss details.

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